Indecisive's Profile
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:: Info
   .:name Indecisive
   .:age 16
   .:d.o.b. May 11, 85
   .:grade 11
   .:pc/mac pc (HP)
   .:res 1024x768
   .:o/s Win2K Pro
   .:design progs Photohop 6
   .:browser IE 5.5
   .:mods t-clock, TweakUI
   .:icq 2000A
   .:pier to pier software WinMX
   .:mp3 player winamp

:: Contact Info
   .:icq 61055579
   .:aim InDsySive
Q:Do you have much web page experience?
A:Over a year. Since November of 2000

Q:How long have you been making graphics?
A:Less than a year. I think since March 2001.

Q:Can you make me a banner?
A:yes(go to the banners page for more info.

Q:WHat is your favorite anime?
A:Hmm...probably Gundam Wing

Q:Why do you have TweakUI?
A:I like to customize my settings.

Q:How did you change the start button/clock?
A:U can do that with t-clock

Q:Do you have another website?
A:Yes, it's called Anime Profile

Q:Do have Asian Avenue?
A:Yes, my AA name is Type-R79

 Current Wallpaper: Wing Zero

 Wallpaper Available: Yes

 Indecisive Original: Yes