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Computer Tip Of The Week

January 8, 2k2
To create a keyboard shortcut for a program..simply right click on the shortcut button and select properties. Choose the Shortcut tab and under shortcut key(in the space provided) press the key on the keyboard you would like to assign(please note that once U press a letter "CTRL + ALT + " will be added there...meaning press "CRTL + ALT + letter assigned" to open the program). For Example, I assigned "P" as my keyboard shortcut for Photoshop 6. SO I press CTRL + ALT + P to open up photoshop.

December 4, 2K1
um....uh......turn your damn screen resolution to 1024X768 if you can't see my site properly!

November 4, 2K1
If U're your computer isn't working...then turn it on...but if your computer isn't working then most likely you wont' see this so nevermind.

August 13, 2K1
To add more programs to the quick launch tool bar(the one beside the start button), just drag and drop the icon into that tool bar and instead of minimizing everything just to open it just click on it and it'll open.

July 23, 2K1
To get past the no right click feature on some web pages simply do the following. Right click and hold it. Then usually a pop up alert box will show up. Keep on holding the right button down and press on okay with the left button. Then position where U want to see the drop down menu and release the right button. If nothing happens when U right click then try holding the right button and then left click and release right click(I'm not sure it this one works but the first one does).

July 16, 2K1
To open sumthing up in a browser window press Shift and click on it. To Open sumthing up in a folder press CTRL and click on it. To view the properties of sumthing press ALT and click on it.

July 9, 2K1
If you have many things open and U want to minimize them all at once simply hold the windows key and press M. The windows key the key bewteen the ATL and CTRL buttons with the Windows logo on it.

July 5, 01
In your web browser instead of moving ur mouse all the way to the refresh, back or forward buttons just press F5 on your keyboard to refresh, backspace on your keyboard to go back or pressing Enter on your keyboard to go forward.