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Update: 09, 01, 02
Added more javascript to the site...urg..have I told you how much I hate javascript? lol. ish around the site.

Update: 08, 01, 02
This is the FIrst update on Web One Z for the year 2002. Okay, here's wut's new. New navagation system on the side, MP3 Section up and running, New affiliates section up, Updated tip of the week, Newest art for January is now Up and A new thought is up.

Update: 29, 12, 01
new wallpapers in wallpapers section(page 6) and new wallpapers in newest art section. The christmas music is off now so U can come back haah. uh...I guess there's nothing other than that. come back soon.

Update: 23, 12, 01
Web One Zero is now 800X600 resolution friendly. it's very very crammed but it works reasonably well.

Update: 22, 12, 01
okay I put pictures of wut the fonts look like so U don't have to read my crappy descriptions ahha. and a new section is up called "newest art" or "Newest Works Gallery". it has wut the title says. My newest pieces of work. hope U like it.

Update: 18, 12, 01
okay just uploaded a couple fonts that I thot were good fonts. also there's also a new wallpaper. and a thought that actually has some thought put behind it. nothing other than that.

Update: 10, 12, 01
New wallpaper uploaded. It was made for a group of friends. Check it out. it's on page 5 in the wallpapers section. Nothing other than that rite now.

Update: 06, 12, 01
Okay, by popular demand I've made web one Z smaller so you can have ICQ open on the right while U're here. but it still doesn't work properly if you're using a screen resolution of 800X600. so sorry peeps. Update: 04, 12, 01
Complete site revamp. it's been a month since I updated last but this update is a huge one. hope you like the new look.

Update: 04, 11, 01
No ads! so yea. Did some minor layout updates too. I'll be adding my newest banners and wallpapers to the galleries soon so come back soon.

Update: 05, 07, 01
Hmm...I did some serious updating today. I added some new stuff that made my site more interactive...interactive meaning my site changes on account of the choices U make. I didn't like the flash buttons so I took them out and put in da old ones. I got tired of the old background too so I put a simple black background up. I updated almost everything. THere R new thoughts. Just click on updates or Indecisive Thoughts under this and it will appear in this box.

Update: 25, 06, 01
Still waiting for those pix to be scanned. I added a new link in my linx page. It's a link to Emily's site so go check it out. I also updated my top 10 list. I'll do a more thorough update soon just gimme time. I just did some major updating. I changed up the gallery and put up new thots and changed the shouts and changed the flash gallery added another link to the tutorials. That's it for 2day tho. I'll be working on it more 2morrow.

Update: 17, 06, 01
I added flash rollovers for my buttons. I'm hoping to incorporate more flash into this page it progresses in it's development. Meaning I'm gonna put flash crap on this page whenever I'm bored.

Update: 15, 06, 01
I'm almost done my finals!!! Skool's almost out so I'm soo happy. Newais. Lawrence finished da Cru pix and all I gots ta do it scan dem in. THen I'll do lil profiles on each person and crap. Ish gonna be tyte. I'll also put up da car show pix. well that's it.

Update: 10, 06, 01
I updated a lot of things. Indecisive Thoughts, SPecial THanx, and a bunch of stuff. I haven't been updating lately. I guess it's cause I'm too lazy but I'll try to work on this site as well as my aa at the same time. I've been working on my aa and updating it regularly though. I made a couple new graphix and a couple new banners. I'll upload them and put them on my site soon. I'm thinking of making just a banner gallery and a wallpaper gallery and a misc. gallery. I changed the format of the index so it would look better. I'll probably changing the theme and style later though.

Update: 25, 05, 01
I updated my shout outs so go check them out. There's really nothing else I've added or whatever so ya. Still making banners though.

Update: 20, 05, 01
Added 3 new banners so if U wanna see go to the gallery. If U want one just e-mail me or ICQ me or msg me on MSN. Thinking of stuff to do now and working on my aa is one of those things so I'll be trying to update my aa as regularly as possible.

Update: 18, 05, 01
I added three new wallpapers and a new banner I made for my friend to the gallery. For my info tech class I have to make a website about the stuff I like and my interests and stuff. The wai I see things, I'm already done. This is it. My web site of things I like and whatever. I've also fixed up my aa quite a bit. Made it look at lot like this web site. So either go check it out at name is Type-R79) or just click on the link in the left frame to see what my aa page looks like. I'm bored so I've decided to make banners for pplz so if U want one just ask and I'll do my best to do it.

Update: 13, 05, 01
la di da. Still waitin for my friend to finish those pix of da kru. Noffin new on my site really except for a few new graphix for my socials project. They're in the gallery so just go look at them. They're two drafts of a new political party that my group has made up for socials. Noffin too interesting if at all. Thinking of stuff to put up. Rite now working in 3dS Max but will get some new PS stuff out. Like I said b4 I've taken away the frameless version of Web One Z. Don't wanna maintain two websites.

Update: 10, 05, 01
My socials project is here. Just click on the link in the left frame.

Update: 08, 05, 01
Aish...finally my modem is up and runnin again(Much thanx to Becky's Uncle). Rite now only a few things have been updated. The gallery has a revamped version of the rei wallpaper. Indecisive Thoughts has also been updated. I'm trying to get my friend's drawing of the GP kru scanned and in the gallery. They kinda have a pocket fighter look to them...looks pretty good. More updates are on the way.

Update: 22, 04, 01
Hmmm....thoughts is updated. I also added more shoutz. I'm just gonna prepare myself for the hardships of trouble shooting in the next couple daiz.

Update: 21, 04, 01
Nothin' really. Just indecisive thoughts and updated gallery with revamped walls. Other than that, nothing. I'm thinkin of puttin' up a lil inspiration/special thanx page. We'll see.

Update: 20, 04, 01
Hmmm...yesterday I made a deal to get win2k and 3d studio max. So, I'll be very busy trying to learn how to do things. Ian told me that it is hard to learn and will get harder but I think I'm up for it. I think I'll be using it in my graphix 11 class next year so if I am it will be nice to have some experiece. As for the site, I added a no frames version. Comments and Critiques are very welcome.

Update: 19, 04, 01
grrr I broke my arm yesterday. The thing that hurts the most about breaking ur arm is taking X-rayz. had to take 2 seperate sessions of X-rayz. The first one hurt like hell but the second one was 100 times more painful. Well, not the X-rayz themselves but the position they put my arm in killed. I didn't even get any pain killers till they started wrappng my arm. neways, on to the updates. I decided to put a poll up just for the hell of it. so go take my poll.

Update: 17, 04, 01
I am trying to work with frames. I just learned them so plz bear with me. I've also just learned how to do this update box thing as well. Oh ya thanx Kel for not messin up Ur source on Ur site. New section. No, BK I didn't steal thinkinz...okay yes I did.

Update: 15, 03, 01
I've decided to start up again. So I'll be bringin' the good old notepad out and be playin' round wif this stuff. In a lil while there`ll be content.