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Front Wheel Control and Spinning Wheels Expressions Tutorial

This Tutorial Will be broken up into three sections. Model Preperation, Front Wheel Control and Spinning Wheels. There will be many thumbnails

Model Preperation

1) First, load your car(or whatever it may be) into modeler. I chose to use a '93 Honda Civic SiR EG-6.

2) Select your wheels, then cut and paste them into seperate layers. I suggest that you be organized, front left wheel in layer 2, front right wheel in layer 3, rear right wheel in layer 4 and rear left wheel in layer 5 (or something similar, just make sure you know what layers your front wheels are on.)

3) Now go to each layer and center everything (press F2 on your Keyboard). This is to ensure that when you load everything into layout, all the pivot points will be in the centre of the objects. This is the most importand part, it will not work properly if you don't do this right.

4) Now save this object and Synchronize Layout and Sent Object To Layout. You can close modeler now.

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